Test automation flow through simulation of the entire test setup 

D4T Systems introduces their first fully integerated test automation product, fanTESTic
The tool incorporates the simulation of a complete test bench. Major advantfanTESTic screenshot of a standard LDO test. The spikes indicate transient effects when executing the testages of our tool is the integration of a numerous set of test instruments for signal generation as well as for signal capture. These instruments are modelled in the tool to represent the real time signals as they would appear from the tester platform. In combination with an extensive library for standard analog mixed signal tests, the simulation of a testbench with a connected IC model becomes very easy. Errors in test setup and limitations of test signal accuracy is now easily resolved with fanTESTic. Currently, the tool is provided as a stand-alone application, but also as a server based application that runs in a web browser.

The tool flow consist of the following:
  • The user selects a predefined test from the library and is promProcessed result for an AD test. The FFT can be zoomed and further analysedpted through the GUI to  provide the test conditions and signal parameters.
  • Test signal setup incorporates both the digital test setup (SPI, JTAG) as well as standard analog pins (single ended/ differential).
  • Appropriate test instruments are connected to the IC pins or loadboard pins.
  • When all signals are defined, the complete test bench model is generated, which serves as input to any circuit simulator featuring compatibility with an IEEE modeling language.
  • Once the simulation is done, the test results are captured by the tool and the predefined test processing is executed to display to the user the outcome of the test parameters.
  • The user can adapt the test setup to reflect changes in optimizing test signals or proceeds to the nextZoomed PSU tests stimulus showing transient effects and noise test simulation.
  • fanTESTic incorporates graph output on the measured results and can be used further for analysis. 

fanTESTic in practice and tool examples

fanTESTic is available as stand-alone tool with all capabilities available to create and generate simulation ready HDL code. In future releases of the tool, D4T systems will pursue further development of pre-defined tests, model databases and HDL code to further extend the usability and to serve customers to their needs.

Demo example of fanTESTic showing the basic user interface with test initialisation and setup for a static ADC test.test bench example showing a PSU stimulus generated from a user provided test

Key features

fanTESTic - generated power discrete ramp based on tester model
  • Fully integrated tester instrument models.
  • Compatible with most tester vendor instruments.
  • Timing and trigger settings are handled in software
  • Simulation based on test libraries with predefined test conditioning and test setup.
  • Test setup is simulated  as if it was running on the tester. 
  • Integration of loadboard model in the tool to represent loadboard inaccuracies. 

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